Dancers' Paradise : Kiss Kiss, Ganggoolie take 'Turn' in dancehall

April 07, 2017
Kiss Kiss and Ganggoolie have collaborated on a new dance song called 'Turn'.
Kiss Kiss
Kiss Kiss shows off her flexibility and dancing abilities.

Recording artiste Ganggoolie has collaborated with Japanese dancer Kiss Kiss for a new dance record titled 'Turn'.

The Turn dance move was created by Kiss Kiss, and the song is featured on Cornelius Records' 'Rula' Rhythm.

Turn is already picking up momentum in the dancehall, with Ganggoolie and Kiss Kiss making several stops at popular events in the Corporate Area, to cement the choreography on the party scene.

"Boom It Up tek off, and mi get the Rula rhythm from Cornelius. I did the song, but I felt it needed something else. I called Kiss Kiss and she said she was ready, and believe me Kiss Kiss took a bus from Kingston to Spanish Town to meet me. I took her to the studio in Old Harbour to do the introduction and she did it in less than half an hour," the deejay said.




Kiss Kiss told Dancers' Paradise that she has done introductions on three separate songs before. However, she said this is her best effort yet.

"I was not nervous because you know I used to go studio. People dem seh dem like the song and it sound good, and mi can dance good," she said.

The dancer, who speaks patios better than Standard English, said she learnt the language through the music as well as by communicating with Jamaicans.

"I in Jamaica four years and I know patios before mi come like 'wah gwaan?' and dem likkle word deh, and den mi start learn more here. I used to dance in Japan, but I prefer to come here because this a di real thing. In Japan, you have to watch it on the phone or buy Passa Passa DVD. I have to stay here to learn the real thing and Yardie thing," Kiss Kiss said.

Kiss Kiss said she brought no Japanese family members with her to Jamaica, and she now has a Jamaican lover. She also noted that she does not want to go back home because the Jamaican culture matches her personality.

"People love mi style, yuh know. I go home six months and nine months to do workshops and shows. I will teach 'Turn', 'Boom It Up' and other Jamaican dancers in Japan," she said, noting that a music video for Turn will be filmed in the coming weeks.

"I just love dancehall because it's real life and real thing. If they sing about gun and sex, it's real thing and real life. But mi support dancing, so right now support Turn," she said.

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