My Confession : I left my boyfriend over a dream

April 07, 2017

STAR, the amount a tings me put me poor boyfriend through, sometimes me sorry fi him and wonder how him still deh wid me.

The other day him a remind me how crazy me used to be in the past, all lef him fi things wha neva go so.

Fi example, one time me did vex with him and go sleep same time. Me get a long piece a dream about him and this girl wha live next door to him, that him tell me he used to like off.

Me dream say him and her go a movies together and well hug up inna the dark a do all kinds a things. Then them go to dinner at a nice, fancy restaurant and a pure romance between them.

Those times me boyfriend neva do them nice things deh fi me yet and a that we did a cuss bout before me vex and go sleep, that's why the dream hurt me so much.

Mi say, STAR, when me wake up, me wet with sweat to how me did a toss and turn inna me sleep. The dream did feel so real that me start bawl and cuss him say him a cheat pon me with the girl, and no matter how much him try fi calm me down, me wouldn't listen.

Me tell him say it done between me and him because God show me inna me dream plain as day that him and the girl deh, and that's why him neva yet carry me out because him a spend all him money pon her at fancy restaurant. It take me couple weeks well fi calm down and talk back to him.

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