STAR of the Month : I-Octane dabbles in production

April 10, 2017

Reggae and dancehall artiste I-Octane will be celebrating his birthday this month, and will simultaneously release his first self-produced album, 'Love and Life'.

The now 10-year veteran admitted that music production is a new path in his career. However, he told THE STAR that he wanted to commemorate his 10-year milestone by pushing his career to another level.

The singjay also said he has had some level of experience in the field of production.

"I have first-hand experience because most of my songs, a me write dem, co-produce dem and record dem. I micromanage most of the times, so I understand music. I know keys. I know drums. So, a producer might send a rhythm and we rearrange it, and tell him to release it that way. I also harmonise my songs on my own, unless I need a female voice. So, I basically produce the songs before I send it to the producer. So, all he needs to do is mix it," he said.

I-Octane is also looking to further his production skills by taking guitar and piano lessons.

"Those instruments are more melodious, and because I classify myself as a singjay, I think I will be able manoeuvre those instruments more. I also want to highlight that I have received assistance from other producers like Zum," he said.

The I-Octane-produced album will be released under his newly formed label, Conquer The Globe Records.

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