Dancers' Paradise : Cojo signs to RDX label

April 13, 2017
Dancer Cojo
Cojo Hottfoot advises other dancers to further their brands by signing with companies.
@Normal:RDX members Delomar (left) and Renigade.


Former M.O.B. dancer Cojo Hottfoot has signed a record deal with popular dance group RDX under its newly formed label, Apartment 19 Records.

Cojo, who is following the same path as veteran dancer John Hype, who worked closely with Shocking Vibes and Beenie Man during his heyday, told Dancers' Paradise that local dancers should be looking to expand their brands further than weekly appearances at parties.

"To just be out there in the streets dancing, life is worth more than that. So to be signed to a company that is experienced and already knows the business gives you an advantage because they know how to market you. I would advise every dancer to get signed to a company," he said.

Cojo, who collaborated with RDX for a new dance-record titled the HottFoot, further stated that the record was already his most successful work as a solo act.

The veteran dancer was also featured on the recently concluded Jamaica Move health campaign, where he also choreographed a dance for the theme song, Jamaica Move.

The record was performed at Emancipation Park by RDX and also helped to shine further light on the Hottfoot dance.

"It has been a great experience, and this is the best part of my entire career. The dance is hot, and every party playing it nightly. I want to say big up to Boom Boom because a lot of selectors played the record. But when Boom Boom premiered the song, it catapulted it to another level," he said.

The veteran dancer was recently a tutor at the Dancehall Dream Camp, which featured over 50 international students from various countries.

"I hope to take dancing to the highest level. My immediate goal is to develop my solo brand and get Shella Posse out there. There are going to be tours with RDX, and this week, we will be in French Guiana," he said.

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