My Confession : I used my friend to test my man and it backfired.

April 13, 2017

STAR, a long time ago me did have a little man and me neva sure if him did really love me.

Dem times deh, me neva start me 'rubbings' yet fi me skin look nice and clean, and me did have on a lot of weight, so me self-confidence neva up deh.

Me used to work hard to try and keep my man. Me give him everything him say him want and even take away me family things to give him if me couldn't afford it miself.

After me go above and beyond fi this man, me really did wah know if him love me or just the things wha me can give him, so me decide fi test him.

Mi did have a nice, slim, pretty coolie friend wha nuff man always a look, so me ask her fi flirt with me man to see if he would give in.

Him neva know say me and the coolie girl are friends, so me ask her fi meet him on the corner one evening and give him two talk.




Me friend tell me say the man say him nuh have no woman and him single fi over a year now, and he looking for a nice girl to settle down.

She even show me text messages wha him send her in the night talking about how him would love to be her man.

Mi heart break bout 10 times because me did really love the man. I was so hurt that me even hate me friend and malice her up fi a while, although a me send her.

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