Roads in ruin : Nothing royal about King Weston roads

April 13, 2017
King Weston resident Courtney Roberts speaks on the deplorable conditions of the community roads.
A motorist navigates the poor roads in King Weston.


Sections of the King Weston main road in West Rural St. Andrew, might be mistaken for a swimming pool if the water that settled in the potholes did not have such as brownish colour. Residents have complained that the road that leads out the farming community have been in a state of disrepair since the community existed. The situation has being compounded by a recent drain cleaning exercise that left pipes damaged.

"From mi have sense and know bout yah. A suh dem road ya tan," Anthony Richards, a resident in the community said.

"Suh them patch the road today. Is a next long time before dem look back pon it," Courtney Roberts Another resident, conquers.


Juliet Cuthbert Flynn has been the member of parliament for the area since 2016. Attempts to contact Cuthbert Flynn proved futile as her phone rang without answer.


Some $667 million has been budgeted under the Rural Road rehabilitation Project which was established to facilitate socio-economic development in the parishes of Trelawny, Clarendon and Manchester through the rehabilitation of 47 kilometres of roads.

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