Dancers' Paradise : Soca dance aerobics pick up speed for carnival

April 21, 2017
Shelly Xpressionz
Nelly Modest

Dancing might be seen as merely entertainment by many, but for some health enthusiasts, dancing is a good way of keeping the body in a good working condition.

Soca dance instructor Nelly Modest, who recently spoke to Dancers Paradise while taking a break from her dance aerobics class in New Kingston, says dancing is an art form which takes the hard work out of exercising.

"I am from Trinidad, and soca is part of our culture, so I grew up listening to soca. However, exercising to soca is a different ball game because it is all about movement. I listen to dancehall and R&B, but I started putting on some weight so I started to do dance aerobics, and I fell in love with dancing to soca music. I was chubby, but within six months of dancing to soca I lost weight," she said.

The dance aerobics instructor also encourages fans of music whom are troubled with weight issues to give soca dance aerobics a try.

"It is really effortless. The music gives you motivation to dance. It seems like you are doing less work, but really you are doing more. So by creating a vibe dancing and music simultaneously cause the body to produce the best results," she said.

Nelly Modest also revealed that she has been requested to host several soca dance aerobics classes locally since the start of the carnival season.

"Soca is more up-tempo, so it's perfect for exercise. It keeps you moving. I also love the rise of soca music, and it feels like I am back at home," she said.

Not to be outdone, popular dancehall dance instructor Shelly Xpressionz also dabbles in dance aerobics.

She told Dancers Paradise that Dance Xpressionz is all about promoting health and fitness.

"Aside from exercising, a lot of people find general aerobics in the gym to be boring. They want a little spice and spruce in the game. So adding dance to aerobics helps the concept a lot because it keeps them engaged and entertained. Fitness overall is important especially for us in the dancing profession because we are always expected to be on point," she said.

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