My Confession : 'Stamina' pills wrecked my sex plans

April 21, 2017
Prescription pills

STAR, this happened during my teens while on Christmas break. Dem times deh Grand Market was the hottest thing. Everybody was there with them little spoogy. So me and my girl make big plans fi do the things before we go out the night.

It was the perfect opportunity because me have me house to meself, since me father did gone a foreign. Me start tell me bredren how me plan fi mash it up inna the night. Him tell me say if me really want to last long, me must take something them call 'gungo pill'. It get that name because it look just like the gungo.

Him say a something that people with nerves problem take, but it can make me last long. So me run go a the pharmacy go buy it. It sell over the counter, but the cashier neva want to give me because it seem like she know what I was planning to use it for. She start cuss and say, "Unuh little young bwoy penis soon drop off!"

Mi neva read the instructions. Me just dash the two pill inna me mouth when me know me girl soon reach over. Little bit after, me just start yawn uncontrollably. Some big alligator-type yawning, one behind the other, and me whole body feel numb.




When the girl reach and put on her heels and sexy lingerie, nothing nah stand at attention. Me only a make the same wide-mouth yawn, and before me mouth could close, is a next yawn come, and me body feel numb same way. No matter what the girl try, and no matter how me jerk it, and beat it, nothing nuh happen. A just pure Godzilla yawning.

So me try play if off and tell the girl say a because me did go a Grand Market during the day make me so tired, but she know a lie me a tell. A one a the most embarrassing thing eva happen to me.

It take a whole day fi wear off. Me say, never again. A the next day me friend tell me seh me shouldn't make it touch me tongue when me take it.

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