STAR of the Month : QQ outshone me on stage, says I-Octane

April 21, 2017

Reggae and dancehall artiste I-Octane is regarded as one of the best Jamaican performers and has closed Reggae Sumfest twice in a row. However, one would never have guessed that dancehall artiste QQ would be the one to outshine the 'Hot Off The Press' singer on a live stage.

When asked which artiste dominated him at any live event over his 10 years in music, the STAR of the Month said, "QQ perform before mi a foreign when One Drop hot at a show name Reggae On The Tip, and mi a tell yuh, mi haffi climb some box fi go close. To make QQ perform before me was one of the biggest mistake mi ever mek," he said.

The artiste further said veteran singer Sanchez is also a tough act to follow.




"Sanchez perform before me overseas also, and mi haffi jump, wave, all type a thing fi even up. Mi try everything out of the performance book. Capleton, Sizzla, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer are all tough acts to follow," I-Octane told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"QQ, however, shook me the most because mi never expect that. I learn a lot from the veterans, like Capelton, so I expect them to do well at shows. But mi nah tell nuh lie, inna music, QQ had a good night. Mi gwaan good, but mi not even guh close to his performance, and mi tell him to."

I-Octane also credited Anthony B and Turbulence as two of the most underrated performers in Jamaica.

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