STAR of the Month: Technology makes things too easy for artistes, says I-Octane

April 26, 2017
STAR of the Month I-Octane

STAR of the Month I-Octane believes the advancement in technology has worked to the detriment of some artiste and has 'watered down' the quality of the music that is produced in the local industry.

While grateful that the improvements in technology has made it easier for entertainers to produce more and get more creative with their craft, I-Octane told THE STAR that in today's world, it has also become easier for more artistes who do not necessarily have the talent to get their feet through the gates of the industry.

"Years a back yuh haffi go through the channels and the process of music. That's why back then yuh have better artistes. A nuh like now weh a yute just set up a thing inna him basement and download Pro Tools and make a riddim and voice pan it and send it out," he said.

"That's why yuh have deejays now a say dem a lyricist, but when dem come out dem can't perform or deliver, and him not even sound like him record."


Struggle with connecting


I-Octane explained that because of how easy technology has made things for the artistes of today, many of them are not complete artistes and struggle with connecting with people outside of the records.

"Back then yuh used to have artistes weh a di complete package because you had to go through the whole process," he said. "That's why back then when a record come out and a artiste go pan stage fi go perform the song pan di stage, a di same exact thing yah hear back."

He encouraged aspiring artistes to not get carried away with the shortcuts that have been made possible through technology, stating that learning to do things similar to how they were done back in the day could make the difference between them being a one-hit wonder and having a long-lasting career.

"Back then me used to haffi bleach outside a di studio before me get fi go in a di studio yard, and a nuff likkle lessons mi learn deh so before me even get fi record," I-Octane said. "A deh so me learn bout determination because dem time deh people tell yuh as it is in front yuh face. So if yuh nuh good, yah go hear bout it and dem criticism deh a di best. Now yuh can't tell no artiste dat 'cause dem a go take things personally."

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