STAR of The Month : I fulfilled my purpose in music by going dancehall - Octane

April 27, 2017
STAR of the Month I-Octane taking a walk through the community he grew up in.


I-Octane, who got his break with a reggae song, says while he enjoyed being cultural and doing songs that offered social commentary on serious issues affecting the country, he has enjoyed doing dancehall more and is happy he made the transition.

"Sell Out The Ghetto Youths come out first and people have me as a reggae artiste and a cultural yute," he said. "Nobody never wah me go dancehall, everybody a say stay cultural, but me did feel a void inna me weh me a say 'God know me nah fulfil me'. Me a sing dem one bag a cultural song here, but me nah fulfil me. Me want unleash this other side of me, the side weh make me feel full and alive."

I-Octane told THE STAR that for a while he was forced to give into being the type of artiste people wanted, stating that until he found his own footing in the industry, he just went with the flow.

The STAR of the Month expressed that he had to be determined in pursuing the dancehall market as several persons surrounding him at the time kept encouraging him to stick to the cultural side of the industry.




"Back then, people used to just choose fi yuh and say 'all right you ago do dah genre yah. We a put you inna dis and you affi stay inna dis'," he explained. "Me did decide fi be rebellious because me never wah stay inna dat (reggae genre). When me get to a level weh people start listen to me now, me show dem say me really can do dancehall. Me start to sing dancehall song and this is the end result before you today."

He encouraged fellow entertainers to be true to themselves no matter how hard it is or how many people try to force them into a box.

"It harder fi be a cultural artiste to nuff youth. Dem think it take nuff effort and take too much time. Dancehall seems more glamorous and a das why every youth wah be dancehall artiste," he said. "But me would advise aspiring artistes fi stick to what you love. If a reggae a your thing, do that. Don't try be dancehall if that is not you."

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