Dancers' Paradise : Crazy Hype donates to charity

April 28, 2017
Crazy Hype

Local dancer Crazy Hype recently handed over $50,000 to the Bustamante Hospital for Children as a part of the ongoing dancing campaign called 'Dear To Dancehall'.

The campaign takes the from of a live dance performance for charity and is a collaboration with European Raggajam/dancehall dance instructor Laure Courtellemont.

"It's a show that we put on. Laure is my partner and close friend. We have always wanted to do something that can give back, and last year we hosted the first one in LA. The show is 45 minutes of dance and features one cast of dancers called 'Dear To Dancehall'," he said.

Crazy Hype, who is also a founding member of the M.O. B. dance crew, is the only dancer to travel from Jamaica to the event.

The show also features new faces annually and participants are selected via auditions.

"We made a little change and we decided to make a donation to the hospital. We have also been doing workshops and we basically put up the money to make the charity possibility. We are currently looking for other institutions which might be in need of for financial assistance and then we will make another donation," he said.

'Dear To Dancehall' is comprised of dancers from the US, Sweden, France, among other countries.

"Mi never really see no dancer a do nothing like this, so its always good to give back. The Europeans have been teaching dancehall and nuff a dem don't really understand the culture, so Laure has been teaching dancing for many years, so she has helped to push the culture. I am very pleased that she became a part of this," he said.

Crazy Hype also dabbles with music and is gearing up to release a new record titled Pikachu, he will be creating the corresponding dance move for the record. He is also a ghost-writer for a handful of European artistes.

He will also be featured at a dancehall camp in Spain in July.

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