My Confession: I found out my man was getting married in an email

April 28, 2017

STAR, this happened when I was in college, but all now me still get cross when me think about it.

I met this guy and we did really like each other. But he told me from the start that he has a big woman overseas. At that time, me did agree fi be the side chick because the woman wasn't here.

After a while, him tell me say him and the woman a foreign nah work out, and me and him start get serious. So, inna my mind I was finally the 'wifey'. Fi a good two years me and the bwoy deh together. Me get introduced to family members, sleep ova him house, and everything.

We did even start discuss getting married after college.

One day, him come ova me room and ask to use my laptop to check something. I wasn't paying any attention to what he was doing because him say a some group work thing he had to submit.

Later in the evening, when me open me laptop, me realise him neva sign out of him email. Normally, me no fass, but something tell me fi check it. The last message he got had a subject saying, 'For our wedding this weekend'. So me start wonder what kind of group work that.

When me open the email, me see two pairs of matching shoes, a heels and a dress shoes. Then the message say, "These are the shoes I bought for our wedding."

Me frighten so till. When me confront him, him say him neva know how fi tell me, so him nuh bother. What a man wicked. Right now him deh a foreign married to the woman.

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