STAR of the Month : Social media bullying not a bother to me - I-Octane

April 29, 2017
STAR of the Month I-Octane

Like any public figure, STAR of the Month I-Octane has been a victim of social media bullying, especially in cases where he ruffled feathers whether by his actions or comments.

I-Octane, who was recently attacked on social media by fans who felt he was out of line for tugging a woman's wig during a performance, told THE STAR that he has adapted, and knows how to ignore negative critics.

He also said he does not block even the most insulting of fans on his social media pages.

"When I just started getting familiar with social media and what it stands for, I used to block them. But I don't do that anymore because it's my page, so why should I block you from my page? If you think you are insulting me, you are just insulting yourself," he said.

The artiste also highlighted that negative criticism can bring positive results.




"Sometimes it's therapy for us as humans. People can be telling you the truth, but because of ignorance, it (seems) harsh. But at the same time, we need it. If I put up a picture wearing a pants and you say it's too tight, then delete yourself. Remember that you are the one following me. So If you are bothered by my pants, then delete yourself. Don't follow me if you don't like me. Why are you going to follow something you don't like?" he said.

I-Octane also reasoned that while critics are busy spreading hate on his page, they also hear his music indirectly.

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