Cathy keeps em coming to Franco's Bar

May 02, 2017


After spending the last 14 years at Franco's Bar in Falmouth, Trelawny, the bubbly Cathy, whose given name is Veronica Watson, is perhaps one of the most well-known personalities in the popular seaside town

Cathy, who has a passion for partying, said a period of stress and the need for a job and a fresh start motivated her to relocate from Hanover to Trelawny,

"I needed a job and a change of environment and I found what I was looking for here in Falmouth," said Cathy, who still maintain ties with Mt. Pleasant, her home district in Hanover.

According to Cathy, she got the nickname from her child's father, who would always tell the other customers, 'a my Cathy this' whenever he visited the bar.

"The name just stick with me," said Cathy. "Very few people know me as Veronica".

What has made Cathy such a big hit with her customers at Franco's bar, especially the men, is her vast knowledge on a variety of topics, to include sports.

"The bar is a university," said Cathy. "Any subject you can think of is discussed in the bar ... I join some and I just listen to others. This job has qualified me to be a family counsellor ... over the years I have counselled many people,from those who just want one more drink before suicide, to those with love problems."

While Cathy has had opportunities to move on, she has decided to stay at Franco's Bar because her employers have treated her so well over the years.

"They look after me like family," said Cathy. "My National Insurance is paid, my National Housing Trust contributions are paid. I get my leave, it would be difficult for me to leave. Everybody knows about Cathy and Franco's Bar."

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