STAR of the Month : Savage, the credit-less ghostwriter

May 04, 2017

Entertainer Savage says he has written hits for some of Jamaica's favourite artistes and has not benefited from them.

According Savage, his lyrical prowess and his inability to access some top rhythms caused him to write songs which he claims to have given away.

"I don't regret that I gave away those hits because they would have been dated by now even though I write timeless music. I realised that I had too much lyrics for myself and I wasn't getting enough rhythms from producers so that is why I started to write for big artistes," Savage said.

However, when asked to name the big male artistes for whom he has written songs and not benefited from the success, Savage refused to divulge names.


important to give credit


He said that he did not wish to publish the names of the artistes in an attempt to keep his business relationships alive.

Savage said too that he has written songs for female artistes including D'Angel and Mumzell.

"One male artiste specifically seh him not giving no man no credit for no song. I just kick back and know that I write hits for artistes but I don't beg them for a dollar. Every man want to stay on top and be gods, but you will get old and you must retire so it's important to give credit," he said.

Savage also noted that there were several other undervalued ghost writers like himself.

"I don't think writers get enough credit but that is not my concern. Right now I am focused on writing my music and staying ahead of the game. A lot of artistes are not writing for themselves but it's not because they cannot make their own music. I guess sometime dem want a different sound. I am versatile so I don't need writer," he said.

Savage also said he did not try to get credit for his songs during his formative years, since he was trying to get his brand established.

"I wanted to get on the big rhythm dem so that is why I wrote a big song for the big artiste. When you write for people it also helps to give you credibility. I wasn't looking for money ... but if down the line mi hear sey the song gone big, dem a go have to talk to mi," he said.

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