Roads in Ruin : 'Richmond roads are a disgrace'

May 05, 2017
A motorcyclist weaves through the craters.
Richmond Vale main road in St Thomas.
Richmond Vale main road in St Thomas.
James Robertson

James Robertson, the member of parliament for Western St Thomas admits that his constituents in the Richmond Vale area are suffering because of poor road conditions. In the words of the MP, "There is absolutely no road between Ramble and Bethel. It is not even a gully. It is a disgrace and the people and myself have been suffering with that for almost 15 years."

Neville Emanuel: "From you see the extent of the damage, you know say a long time the road stay so. Nobody nuh business wid nobody weh live up yah."

A taxi operator: "No route or road nuh deh up here, enuh. Mi jus do them a favour. Mi charge $400 fi come here."

WHO IS IN CHARGE? James Roberston has been member of parliament since 2002.

The road between what I will refer to as Albion all the way through Ramble, Llandewey, Richmond that would take you back to Albion Mountain, That roadway requires approximately $500 million to be repaired. I have been informed that will be part of the second phase of the major internal road works the National Works Agency will be doing. The funding is in place. It is a Chinese funded project. This roadway is slated to be done in the next 24 months.

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