STAR of the Month : Savage, the hero

May 05, 2017

The STAR of the Month feature is all about giving fans the chance to see a side of entertainers they wouldn't normally experience.

This month, the spotlight is on dancehall artiste Savage. Many know him for his catchy 'wining songs' and his support for skin bleaching, but what they do not know is that the entertainer is also an unselfish character who at least three people call 'hero'.

It happened in 2008, when a motor vehicle owned by Carreras Ltd attempted to cross a ford in the artiste's community. The vehicle was occupied by the driver and two Guardsman security officers.

According to the entertainer, the vehicle got into difficulties, and he and a group of friends who were on the scene at the time sprang into action.


van was swept away


"Inna di Grants Pen gorge deh so it happen. Di big gully," he explained. "Some Guardsman were carrying some goods across the gully and the gully came down suddenly, no warning. The rain wasn't falling or nothing, and the van was swept away. Me and me friend dem run it down, run it down pan di likkle side a di bridge, and when we finally catch up to it, me take out me belt and swing it out and one of the guardsman dem climb up pan it."

He continued: "Two more lef inna di van, and it hitch up underneath one bridge. My bredrin climb over and draw up one a di man dem and me swing over and a try draw up the next one, and the van wash weh wid him. Him never dead though. None of dem died. We saved them."

Savaged added that the incident was a defining moment in his life because persons looked at him and other members of the community in a more positive light from that moment.

"Me get a reputation and people out there a look, and the community get a different reputation," he explained. "It's all about being positive about the situation and looking on the bright side."


helping others


Having seen videos of people offloading goods from trucks that have overturned circulating on social media, Savage is encouraging persons to think about helping others first before looking to help themselves.

"When the media came, dem say money and thing did deh inna di vehicle so why we chose fi save di people dem, and me say life more important," he said.

"We knew money was in the van because it's a Guardsman van. We see di box dem a float outta di truck and we coulda say make we throw up two box before we draw unuh out but we never see things so. We still did get money because Carreras did come back and give each a we a thing, and we did appreciate it. But when me see the whole ordeal and what really happen, me get more than money."

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