True Confession : I tried to sabotage my classmate

May 05, 2017
A student in the library

STAR, me and me neighbour used to inna the same class in high school, and she used to live pon me things dem, from me textbooks, to me laptop. She used to borrow them fi study, do her projects and homework, and that used to inconvenience me. Then to make matters worse, she would get higher grades in school, and she and her mother boast pon me.

Her mother used to tell people in the community say me too spoil and that's why me no do as well as her daughter. It used to bun me, and when me decide say me nah lend her me things, my mother would cuss me and say me too mean.

But dem just determined fi make me look bad. One report day, she and her mother come ova me yard a showoff say she come first inna her class, and have the nerves fi ask how much me come, even though them know say a inna the teens me come.

That was the last straw. Me decide say me a go sheg her up. There was a big project that we were supposed to do for a class, I can't remember which subject. She finished her work a week before it due, and save it pon me flash drive. That time me no start mine yet. Mi just delete hers, and delete the backup wha she save pon me laptop.

When she borrow me things dem fi go print her work, she come back bawling say she can't find them. Me just take back me laptop and flash drive and say me no know what happen to them, but me need me things fi finish my project. Me think that woulda make her fail, but she go bawl to the teacher and she get extra time fi do the work. It bun me you see.

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