Where are they now? : Sassy Silva gains lifeline through Bounty tribute

May 05, 2017
Sassy Silva
Sassy Silva

After winning the Magnum Kings and Queens of Dancehall competition in 2013, Sassy Sliva went underground and thought about giving up on music completely.

Today, the artiste is poised to make a comeback, and it is all because a video of her paying tribute to one of Jamaica's most iconic deejays, Bounty Killer, went viral.

"I went through a lot after I won the Magnum competition. Things were hard and me did stop record fi a time and did just feel like give up completely," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Sassy Silva said that she was involved in an accident a few days after she became Magnum Queen, and that led to a series of unfortunate events.

"I don't really want to go public with certain things to resurrect bad vibes. It came from the accident ... I gave up on music entirely. Success wasn't treating me well. For a while I was working, then like a year and a couple months after I ventured back into music. As I said, when something is in you though, you can't hide it," she said.

Sassy Sliva's love for the music and passion kept her going, and then one day she decided to do a video of her tribute to Bounty Killer.




That video, she explained, has given her a new lease on life, as she has not only been receiving good feedback from members of the public, but has gained the support of her idol, the 'Grung Gaad' himself.

Within days of her tribute being posted, Bounty Killer had caught wind of it, and not only did he share the tribute on his Instagram page, but he followed up with Sassy Silva. And today, the Be Like Killa tribute is an official recording.

Bounty Killer told THE WEEKEND STAR that he appreciated the gesture.

"I met her through Chiney K, my producer friend, and she sang that song for me back then. She has the song for some time now and I always planned to do something for her with that song," he said.

"We just never made the link official with her after that time, then recently she did the Facebook video, and the comments all said I should help her, so I decided that it's time now."

He added that he believes Sassy Silva has what it takes to make it in the dancehall industry and that was why he wasted no time in getting her to the studio to voice the song.

"She is well-talented in writing, deejaying and performing. I sent her to Neutron, my little producer who is also working with K Queens, and she voiced the song," he said.

Sassy Silva has expressed joy at the fact that Bounty Killer has shown her such great support and has vowed to make him proud.

"Me elated and excited about dis, trust me," she said. "I think this is it for me. We haffi use da chance here, enuh. Rodney (Bounty Killer) have good intentions cause him a make links wid all kinda people for me. Me have the talent and me nah go waste this opportunity," she said.

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