STAR of the Month : Savage considers gospel music

May 06, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage says there is a possibility of him turning to gospel in the near future.

The artiste made the revelation as he reminisced on the days he used to perform at church as part of the choir and how much he enjoyed those experiences.

"Me used to sing on the church choir before me start deejaying. The deejaying thing was done gradually," he said.

"Me have a high pitched voice, and me used to sing a lot of gospel music. When me a sing them, me used to sing them with feeling. Songs by Grace Thrillers dem used to touch me."


Gwaan feed di worldian


The artiste, who is also a songwriter told THE STAR that although trying his hands at gospel music is not far-fetched for him, he has his reservations.

"Me mother always a beg me to (do gospel music) and me grandmother before she died, but fi now me a gwaan feed di worldian dem," he said, explaining that he wants to transition to gospel on his own terms.

"I think it's the only music I've never tried to write. Sometimes me fraid me get inna spirit yah man or me a go reach da point deh weh me nah go wah come out back, and me fraid fi reach da place deh."

Savage, who has imitated being overcome by the Holy Spirit in his song Culu Culu, explained that the fear of being inhabited by the Holy Spirit in real life has hindered him from even attempting to write gospel music.

"I've never done it (write gospel music), and I think it's the only music I've never tried to write. Me wah pace it (transition to Gospel) myself. Nuh wah unuh hear say the Culu Culu man ketch inna spirit fi real," he said, laughing.

He added that he believes that if he does get into gospel music, he will have just as big a fan base as he had in the dancehall.

"Me talented man, so me will always have a fan base whether Christian or worldian. Anything weh we a do, we a go do it all out," he told THE STAR.

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