Community Focus - Somerton - 'We just can't help loving Somerton'

May 09, 2017
Eulalee Whittaker, 91, an elder stateswoman in Somerton, St James.
Someton United Church which was established in 1921, served as the community's only school for many years.
Entertainer Jimmy Cliff (left) and former prime minister P.J. Patterson

Located eleven miles from Montego Bay, the commu-nity of Somerton in St James is steeped in rural charm.

While Jimmy Cliff, the acclaimed reggae superstar is easily Somerton's most revered son, it is also the community where former Prime Minister P.J. Patterson grew up as a child.

It is also the home district of distinguished film-maker Lennie Little-White; his late sister, outstanding nutritionist Dr Heather Little-White; Violet Neilson, the first female president of the Jamaica Agricultural Society and a former Speaker of the House of Representatives; and renowned hotelier Horace Peterkin.

"Somerton is a community that has a rich history that we are all proud of," said Rivolino McPherson, the driving force behind Somerton's rich sporting culture. "We just can't help loving Somerton."

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