Jacqueline Smith giving back to her alma mater

May 09, 2017
Jacquline Smith teachers her class ast Sommerton All-Age School in St James.

When she completed her tertiary education, Jacqueline Smith had no qualms about returning to teach at her alma mater, Somerton All-Age School in St James. She has been there for the past 20 years.

"I came to this very school from grade one up to grade six," recalled Smith. "I have really fond memories of my time as a student ... . The teachers were very kind and very cooperative, and as students, we were very, very respectful to the teachers.

"It was my experience here [as a student] at Somerton that influenced my coming back and giving my service to the school ... . I certainly see myself continuing here," added Smith.

She said that since she joined the staff at Somerton in 1997, it has been a mostly satisfying experience for her as she seeks to help in shaping the minds of the current generation of students in much the same way her teachers did for her decades ago.

"From I was a child, I always wanted to be a teacher. I really love teaching," said Smith. "So far, it has been good, and I really enjoy working with the children."

Smith told the WESTERN STAR that her greatest source of pride is seeing the children growing academically, as she wants them to develop an appreciation for education so that they can become worthwhile and productive citizens.

"When you start out with them, sometimes they are way down there in terms of academics, but after you really work with them for a while, and then when you look at what they have achieved, that gives me great satisfaction," said Smith.

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