Vox Pop with students of Somerton All-Age School

May 09, 2017
Onelia Knott, 13: "I would do both and keep moving back and forth, and I would further my studies in the USA and keep building the community."
Chrisano Mowatt, 13: "I would stay and build up Somerton, but I would also want to go overseas for a job and then come back."
Jevol Miller,11: "I would prefer to stay here and build up the community because I love it here in Somerton."
Janelle Trought, 12: "I would go abroad to further my experiences, and while I am away, I will help to build up the community."
Ashanti Martinez, 12: "I would go away to further my studies, but while I am not here, I would send money to build up the community."

When you grow up, will you stay in Somerton and help to build the community, or will you move on to so-called greener pastures as so many persons have done?

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