Check Up: Is she just a miserable boss?


May 10, 2017

Andrea is a young career-oriented lady who has recently been put in charge of a 'section' at her workplace.

She feels that she is unable to relate to her group who tend to be lazy and just leave most of the section work for her to do, as she is ultimately responsible and failure would be on her head.

A friend told her recently that she is a 'Type A' person and that she just doesn't know how to relax and let up a bit at times, and that this is why she is having so many problems working with her colleagues at this time.

Andrea asks Check Up if she is this Type A person and if this is really a bad thing. She asks Check Up how she can seem more relaxed and yet still get the work done on time. She would like her colleagues at work to like her.


A Type A person is a ranking of personalities in a grading that also includes 'types B and C'. Many people have some Type A characteristics and yet also show a mixture of B and C personality traits, and this is often not a bad thing at all!

Type A persons are often described as more 'driven' and anxiety-prone. The term 'Type A' refers to a spectrum of behaviours rather than just one set of characteristics.

These people tend to be more impatient and competitive and become easily irritated by impediments to progress.

Some signs of the Type A person are:

• Becoming quite upset when they wait in lines, stuck in traffic or waiting to see the doctor (time is being wasted)

• Upset when something blocks their planned progress

• Termed 'overachiever', 'workaholic' or even 'perfectionist'

• Bites nails, grinds teeth or fidgets

• Highly conscientious. This person will stick around and get things done

• Worries a lot and dwells on the worst possible outcomes when involved in any activity

• Always thinking ahead. Frequently talking over people to clarify points and move the conversation forward

• Insomniac. Keeps going through work problems at home and even through the night

• Low tolerance for incompetence or for anyone who gets in their way, or who does not share the same sense of urgency

Because of most of these characteristics Type A's do well overall at work as they tend to achieve their set goals on time.

Some individuals are more unkind and see Type A persons as excessively ambitious, over-competitive, impatient and in need of control.

Andrea should take the time to look at herself and how she interacts with both her workplace and at home.

• Toning down some of her more obviously abrasive interactions should become one of her goals.

• Working with her team and praising all positive interactions quietly should become an added tool.

• Keeping interactions positive is far better than quarrelling.

• Bond with your colleagues by sharing occasional social meetings off the job where you all get to know something of each other's lives

• Smile more

• Be yourself and not just the work persona!

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