STAR of the Month: Savage stays loyal to Grants Pen after shooting

May 10, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage says he has so much love for his Grants Pen community that not even a shooting that claimed the life of his stepfather and injured his mother could get him to move out of the community he grew up in.

The entertainer told THE STAR that despite experiencing unthinkable pain as a result of that shooting some five years ago, he cannot imagine living anywhere else.

"People do it, and me nuh haffi deh deh if me nuh wah deh deh," he said.

"Me nuh live inna di same house, but me live inna di same lane. Me choose fi deh everyday because me feel like me fi deh round me people dem, di excitement. Mi fi see weh she name deh and weh she name deh from round deh so or weh him name from up deh so. Mi like inna my community cause it more entertaining to me. A so me get my music and my joy. It is home."

Savage explained that instead of allowing that one painful experience to make him hate the community, he chose to use the experience to build strength of character.

self-motivating spirit

"Situations and circumstances make people make certain choices, and mi say me nah go mek my situation or circumstances send me downhill and hate di place," he said.

"So me decide say me a go take a different path and kill dem wid success. Me did haffi take weh myself from society, lock weh myself and put myself through therapy. Me talk to myself, and mi thank God for a self-motivating spirit weh mi never really need nobody to come tell me say, 'Savage yuh good or yuh great.' Mi know that."

Savage told THE STAR that the persons responsible for the shooting are yet to be caught. However, he said investigations have revealed that the incident was caused by an error in judgement.

"The man dem say a wrong house, and me just work wid dat. The whole thing came as a shock, but me never make it take me over. Me go through a terrible time and me try block it out," he said, explaining that he has never even wrote about the incident in his songs.

"Nuff people write bout dem pain, but me write bout other people pain because fi write bout the things dem weh yuh go through too much yah man."

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