STAR of the Month : Savage had to repackage himself to succeed in dancehall

May 11, 2017


STAR of the Month rose to prominence on the dancehall scene when his song 'Culu Culu' hit but he had been trying for years before that.

Savage told THE STAR that if it had not been for his determination, he would not have found his big break and credits his success to a strong marketing strategy.

"When me just a get into the business, da marketing thing deh did a beat me bad, me never know how fi get myself out there.

I knew about listening to a song weh yuh nuh like until yuh end up like it and me did have song weh people did like but just never did a hear it enough," he said explaining that he had to repackage himself for the dancehall market. "Me did a pree say fi do 90 per cent work and 10 per cent promotion but dat never did a cut it.


Despite the controversy


The image was something I had long time, me just needed to expand on it more. More tattoos and a brighter skin."

He went on to state that despite the controversy, his strategy worked as people began to take note of him even if they were hurling insults or speaking negatively.

"Is just life, nobody is perfect and I am here to entertain in every way; I'm an entertainer," he said. "I am here to send a message to say have fun, dance. When you figure out what the fans dem need you just go right ahead and do it. People ago wonder why you do certain things but you know the reasons why you doing what you doing. Don't think about what some ago say because people will always find something negative to talk about."

With that said, the entertainer sought to encourage his colleagues to show more support for each other. He explained that while feuding in dancehall is necessary, artistes should not seek to deliberately pick on other entertainers in an effort to tear them down especially when artistes are being fed enough negative energy from the public.

"Some man nah try fi make sure seh dem help when dem can help. Stop pick out artistes and war wid dem, pick out artistes and help dem," he said. "Try a different strategy, change the game, promote each other."

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