Dancers' Paradise : Dancing and fashion merge for Swag Attack

May 12, 2017

St Thomas-based female dance crew Swag Divas and promoter-veteran dancer Petra will host the third staging of their now annual 'dance fashion' themed party titled Swag Attack.

The event will be held at Club Shine, located on Lysson Road in St Thomas, and according to Petra, patrons should turn out expecting to dance up a storm.

"Dancing is back in Jamaica, and we are capitalising on that by hosting this event and delivering to patrons some high-energy entertainment. For a time, local events had situations where persons just stood on the dance floor and drank their liquor, but thankfully, we are now at a place where people are dancing again," she said.

The official launch will be held at the Texaco gas station in St Thomas. Petra noted that Swag Divas would be giving patrons a taste of what to expect.

"The launch itself will be packed with excitement. You will think you are at a dancing show the way I want people to be dancing and sweating," she said.

As for the decision to call the event Swag Attack, the promoter says that dancing and fashion go hand in hand.

"Dancehall and dancing go hand in hand and so does the fashion. So for this Swag Attack, we are back to merging dancing with image, and so we are promoting a ripped-jeans concept. So I want people to come out in your ripped jeans and be ready to dance until morning," she said.

The Swag Divas dance crew is relatively popular in St Thomas and has been creating a buzz on the party scene with its acrobatic dance moves.

The event will feature juggling from Richie Lees, Jazy Lifestyle, and Ravers Movement. Swag Attack will also carry a free breakfast after-party in the morning.

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