Roads in Ruin : Warminster feels forgotten

May 12, 2017
Farmers walk along the Warminster road in South East St Elizabeth.
Osric Jones and Meryl Mullings walk along the bad roads in Warminster in South East St Elizabeth.
Joan Barham, a shopkeeper in Warminster South East St Elizabeth, points to sections of the roadway that is in need of repairs.


The road leading through Warminster in St Elizabeth has been in disrepair for some five years. Residents told THE WEEKEND STAR that it continues to deteriorate with each shower of rain. On Monday, during a heavy downpour, a large section of the road broke away. Work has begun on the major breakaway, but the other sections remain untouched.


Meryl Mullings: "It's so bad that the taxi leave we half way and we have to walk over the hill with we goods because dem say dem nah go any further fi mash up dem vehicle. We can't even cuss them because we understand.

Osric Jones: We a beg them fi do something fi the road, if a even fi the teachers dem to go to the school because dem have to park dem car and walk almost a mile to go to the school up a Warminster All Age.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE? Franklyn Witter is the member of parliament. Witter first served as MP from 2007 to 2011. After a five-year break, he returned to parliament after the 2016 general election.


"I have asked the National Works Agency to take a look at it and do an estimate. They have done an estimate and I am awaiting the final report so I can take it to the parliament. I have also spoken to the minister of local government, who has promised to make an allocation of $35 million to the St Elizabeth Municipal Corporation, to do repairs to some roads, including that one."

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