STAR of the Month : Savage wants to help young talent

May 12, 2017

STAR of the month Savage says he is putting plans in place to establish means of assisting up-and-coming artistes get their big break in the industry.

The entertainer made the revelation as he spoke about entertainers falling short when it comes to offering support for young talent.

"Some man nah try fi make sure seh dem help when dem can help," he said. "Try a different strategy ... promote each other."

As he thanked artistes such as Bounty Killer for his efforts to keep the talent pool in Jamaica overflowing with young entertainers, Savage said he has already registered a company dubbed Savage ENT, a label he says will begin to introduce new artistes in short order.

"We have Savage ENT right now, registered and everything. We put out album already, a just fi put out some songs under the label weh different from my album now," he explained. "Me have brand new song, me and Jah Vinci weh a come out under Savage ENT and we have a whole heap more things inna di pipeline."

The artiste also revealed that aside from plans to establish his own label, he is looking to position himself as a businessman within the music fraternity.

"Mi sign to Digital One, which is managed by Richard Roach, dem manage di business part a Savage," he said. "We have a big alcohol company coming on board with us. Dem nuh only do alcohol but dem do clothes and a whole heap more thing and me ago be the brand ambassador. It's an international company and they wanna establish themselves in Jamaica. So it's not just about music for Savage, we a go inna di whole branding thing."

He went on to thank his label for steering him in the right direction, stating that bringing an artiste to this level in the music industry is on his list of things to do.

"Most of the big deals and the big labels dem weh yah go see a come in fi do business wid Savage is orchestrated by the Digital One management team because dem know dem thing and yah fi work wid people weh know how fi jump around," he said. "A lot of these young talent, that is what they need, the right team around them and a business mind and me wah fi can help dem wid dat."

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