STAR of the Month : Big up the vendors - Savage sells The Weekend Star

May 13, 2017
Starrie, Starrie! Savage reps for THE WEEKEND STAR at Parade, downtown Kingston yesterday.
STAR of the Month Savage gets outfitted with his STAR bib so he can get to work.
Savage negotiates a sale with a potential customer.
Hol' on deh driver! Savage gets some change as he makes a sale.


After just a little bit over an hour as a newspaper vendor, STAR artiste of the month Savage says he has even more respect for the men and women who hustle on the streets of Jamaica to get the news to the people.

As part of his STAR of the Month activities, the entertainer traded in his mic for a STAR bib and took to the streets of Downtown Kingston to take on the task.

It was a little bit after 3 p.m. when the STAR team journeyed with the entertainer to Parade and the sun was out in all its glory.

With the entertainer, a supporter of skin bleaching, he was no doubt feeling the full effects of the heat but he rallied like a trooper to get the job done.


Little persuasion


Some persons immediately recognised the Culu Culu singer and were more than willing to fork out their $60 to support him, others not so much.

For those not too willing to support the entertainer as he hustled, a little persuasion saw them changing their minds. They were rewarded with a photo op and an autograph as an extra incentive.

"Mi always respect everybody who has an honest job hustling, because no work nuh easy but today me really see say the sun nuh normal and fi out here a do dis, it really hard," he said of his experiences. "Yuh affi talk to the people dem and show dem certain vibe and get them fi buy the paper because it's all about the sales. It's very hard selling papers out there so the vendor dem out there have dem work cut out fi dem. Big up all vendors every time and just gwaan hold it."

Would he do it again? Perhaps not but the entertainer certainly understands now that it takes more than just sitting with the newspapers on a stall next to you.

Even with his level of popularity, it was still a hard day's work, even if it was just for an hour.

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