STAR of the Month : Savage steers clear of violence

May 16, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage is trying to steer clear of feuds in the music industry.

Savage, who was involved in a physical altercation with another artiste five years ago, told THE STAR that he is not opposed to releasing war songs aimed at other artistes; however, he insisted that he would not be involved in physical altercations anytime soon.

As for the artiste, whose name he did not wish to mention, Savage revealed that they were still not on speaking terms.

"It was four of us a par, and it was 15 of them. They were kicking up my friend and I had to box one down. Everybody good now. I see them a road and they see me. God make it a way that my thing is working, so I don't need nobody but Father God and some good people around me," he said.

Savage has released diss songs aimed at Alkaline and Khago in recent times, but he said that is where the feud ends.

"Gangster songs keep the balance in music, but I am not looking to fight wid people. I am just doing music and creating different vibes for different fans," he said.




The deejay also told THE STAR that like any other profession, the music industry is a working environment that should be respected.

"Being an entertainer is a regular job just like a nine to five, so the same manner in which you should not go to the office and fight, you should not be coming in music to fight or else you will get fired. There are certain codes of conduct that should be respected, and all artistes should follow those codes, otherwise, if you want to fight, then you should get the relevant licence and become a boxer," he said.

Several artistes lost their visas six years ago as a result of various issues with the law, so Savage is wary of travelling down a violent route.

"Getting into physical altercations will bring trouble with the law and will also damage your brand. We all know that bad records are not the easiest things to get expunged depending on the severity of the crime. There is no good that can come out of you fighting," said Savage, who is gearing up for a performance in Grenada next month.

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