Star Salute : Mr Universe uplifting the poor and needy

May 16, 2017
Mr Universe
Mr Universe donates a bed and stove to Elaine Williams.

In a society where it is easy to be selfish and uncaring Tedd Brown has answered the call to be his brother's keeper.

The Westmoreland resident, who is popularly called Mr. Universe, has been using his popularity to highlight persons in the western end of the island who are in need of assistance.

He has been actively seeking donation to help persons in need and has not been shy to dip into his own pockets to help bring smile to the faces of the less fortunate.

“God choose me for this," said Mr. Universe, who was given the moniker by persons in the dancehall space because of the numerous best-dress awards he has picked up islandwide.

Mr. Universe explained that he uses his Facebook page highlight cases of need in western Jamaica. The businessman, promoter and blogger said that persons normally respond to his plea for help once he launches a campaign.


“I am from humble beginnings and I know what it feels like not to have, so when I see people who are less fortunate, that drives me to help them,” Mr. Universe told the WESTERN STAR.

Ian Myles, councillor Little London division in Westmoreland, said he has been following Mr Universe's work on social media and he is impressed.

"He has  been doing a tremendous job. Is not any and any ordinary man that is going to get up, earn something  and use his power to give back in the way that he is doing. I laud him and encourage him to continue and pray God's blessings on him," Myles said.

Mr. Universe said that he is overjoyed when he sees the reaction of the persons he assisted.

“When I do my charity work, it is overwhelming. It is a joy, I feel a peace of mind,” he said.

“Even yesterday, I donated a mattress and a two-burner stove and when they see me coming it draw crowd. And the lady start to cry. It make me feel happy,” Mr. Universe said.

Mr. Universe told the WESTERN STAR that he has been engaged in charity work for about five years but his efforts have intensified over the past four months.


“Last week Sunday, I feed over 500 needy person," said Mr. Universe, while adding that he wants his charity work to have an impact in the lives of the less fortunate persons in his home parish of Westmoreland.


“I want to cover the entire Westmoreland. I want them to see me in person because I have to help the people,” he said.


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