Vox Pop : What do you believe is the cause of the longevity of residents of Sherwood Content and surrounding areas?

May 16, 2017
Clayton Collins
John Hylton
Leroy Campbell
Mamre Flash

MAMRE FLASH: The salubrious climate, the bush tea and pure water. No artificial food and continuous exercise by walking everywhere they go.


JOHN HYLTON: The area and the climate. No fertilised food and bathing in the Lagoon River. After a bath, they usually look like they are coming from heaven.



LEROY CAMPBELL: Sherwood People always eat the right food. That must be very good so it must be the reason why they are living so long.


CLAYTON COLLINS: That climate in the valley must be a major factor. Also, they never eat any food except what they grow and of course they walk a lot, which is good exercise.

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