STAR of the Month : I am a sex symbol, says Savage

May 18, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage might be criticised for his image by his detractors, but deejay says he is seen as a sex symbol by his female fans.

The deejay told THE STAR that women are attracted to his physique.

"Dem a call me a sex symbol, the Culu Culu Don. I always stay in shape, and I have a good structure. I play a little ball and keep in shape. The girls dem just love mi because I am slim and trim and don't have to go gym," he said.

The outspoken deejay noted that he is by no means a 'gym rat', however he tries to eat healthy. He also noted that artistes who gain weight rapidly tend to have irresponsible eating habits.

"I watch my appetite, and mi nah go greedy like some man weh because dem a mek money dem start eat a bag of steak and pizza. I eat my vegetables and a one KFC sometimes, but I don't overdo it," he said.

"I have to keep the thing up, and don't get a rum belly or a married man belly. Sometimes all one box lunch me and me friend dem eat. Some man just greedy and start nyam nuff. Because dem get rich, dem frighten."

As for critics who might disagree with his claim of being a sex symbol, Savage said he does not pay attention to negative comments.

"Di man dem weh a hate, dem woman love the Culu Culu song. Mi nah look no man woman still, but if dem like mi, mi can't help it. Get your own supporters. I have my fans and I don't read negative comments. They bash Alkaline and Vybz Kartel yet they get tickets for their shows. People should just believe in themselves and don't let negative comments get to them or else it will hold yuh back," Savage told THE STAR.

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