Dancers' Paradise : 'Foot A Road' is a brand, says Tornado

May 19, 2017
Dancer Cojo
Dr Garth 'Shaka Pow' McDonald

Veteran deejay Tornado has collaborated with Shaka Pow for a dance song called 'Foot A Road'.

According to the deejay, who has collaborated with Elephant Man and Ding Dong for other dance records, Foot A Road is a brand.

"It's a dancing song, and the entire street a receive it and dem like it. It's the hottest slang, dance and brand. We now have Foot A Road shirts and caps on sale, and people loving it also. We started the brand aspect as promotion and persons wanted the merchandise so we just decide to make it into a full fledged clothing line," he said.

Tornado also said that even when the song has expired on the dancehall scene, the Foot A Road brand will still live.

"When somebody wears your brand, they are representing for you. Entertainment a good industry to build your brand and we see people like Popcaan and Alkaline already have their clothing line," he said.

The Foot A Road dance is also called 'Hot Foot', and was created by popular dancer Cojo.

"The dance has two names, but there is no confusion or animosity because the people understand that this is about dancing. So people are just having fun and when they hear my song or RDX song endorsing the dance they know it is one energy and one vibe so they just support it and dance," Tornado said.

The 'Foot A Road' dance move involves rapid movement of the feet, and was premiered at the recent Ministry of Health fitness expo hosted at the Emancipation Park in New Kingston.

Shaka Pow himself has released dance songs before this record and has had relative success with dance songs like Rubba Bounce and Old Man Saw.

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