My Confession : I cheated with my disabled co-worker

May 19, 2017

STAR, back inna me early 20s, me used to work in a school canteen. I would do the shopping and ensure everything was in order. At the time, the chef was a woman who had a deformed foot. The foot short and bend up, and she walked with a bad limp, so some of us used to call her 'Oney' behind her back.

Everybody used to stay far from her and say she miserable because she can't get no man. The thing is, she always pleasant towards me, but me neva know say a because she want me.

One Friday evening after work, Oney invite me over her yard fi dinner. Me neva hesitate because me girlfriend did gone a country that weekend, and me neva plan fi cook.

When me reach ova Oney yard, she inna one piece a sexy skirt. Me tell her say me neva know say a so she look good outside of the apron, and she start laugh.

The whole evening me and her eat, talk and laugh until night come. When me tell Oney say me have to head home now because it a get dark, she ask if me can keep her company for the night.

I don't know what come ova me, but me agree fi stay. Me say STAR! Oney start throw herself pon me, and I did give it to her good and proper.

The next morning when me wake up and see her beside me with the curl up foot, me shame a meself fi know say me really have sex with a disabled person. It happen about two more time after that day though, but me did have to put a stop to it because me conscience did a kill me.

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