STAR of the Month : Savage wants collab with Spice

May 19, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage says he wants to collaborate with female deejay Spice.

The entertainer made the revelation in a recent interview where he expressed his admiration for Spice's creativity. Savage pointed out that with Spice's song Sheet doing well on the dancehall scene, and with his act involving a plastic blow-up bed at stage shows also creating quite a buzz, both he and Spice could make an explosive collaboration if both elements were brought together.

"The girls dem a talk bout Savage wid di mattress, and dem a talk bout Spice and the Sheet, so it look like me haffi go just link her wid two people right yah now and just do a tag team, bedroom thing," he said.




"People inspire people all di time, enuh. And yuh see da stage sup'm deh, it nuh easy fi master, and we both find a formula weh work, so we can just put the two together and make magic."

Savage says he believes Spice caught a glimpse of his performance with the blow-up bed as it has been going viral, but says he doesn't mind her putting her own spin on things as they could now both share the attention they have each gained from their respective creative geniuses.

"Spice is a respectable artiste, and as long as it (her song and concept) nah take from me, I'm OK," he explained. "Me respect Spice, enuh. All me woulda like now a fi Spice, seh, 'Hear wah gwaan, me a come wid di sheet, enuh, so just lef di door half open and mek we just kick weh di combination'. We can work out sup'm man," he told THE WEEKEND STAR.

The entertainer said that he has a lot of respect for all the entertainers in the music industry, but he believes much more could be done in terms of supporting each other.

"If yuh look back inna di days dem, Killer and some more man used to help di youths dem. Nobody nah too do that again cause dem fraid the person weh dem help end up take dem place," he said, explaining that the latter should not be the focus of established entertainers when they decide to help others.

"People fight out people more than dem help people. That is just the reality, but if more people were to help each other, the industry would be stronger."

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