STAR of the Month : Savage flexes charitable muscles

May 25, 2017

STAR of the Month Savage endured much hardship during his formative years, having been was raised in an inner city community plagued by violence and poverty.

This experience has caused the deejay to empathise with the current crop of juveniles still faced with the challenges that comes with living in the inner city.

According to the deejay, Jamaicans did not choose to be born in poverty, therefore a helping hand must be given when necessary.

Savage is currently planning a charity-based event with hopes that enough money will be raised to contribute to human and resource development in the community.

"We are planning an event with the Grants Pen police, and the proceeds will go towards things in the community. Grants Pen is very big so all I can do is play my little part to give back to the community where I am from," he said.


Create opportunities


The deejay also said he gives his support to needy children on a daily basis.

"It's a daily thing to give money to children when they ask me. Everybody is on a different level so you have to help people when you can. I still cook pot with my friends and share with the youth instead of just eating KFC alone," he said.

Savage also believes elders who are seen as mentors should create opportunities for youths instead of giving handouts.

"I don't believe in just giving a one man 20 grand. I think it's better to use the money and do something that the entire community can benefit from. Teach a man to earn and he will be able to feed himself," he said.

Savage further pointed out that Grants Pen is a cultural powerhouse and persons only need the right opportunities.

"From years now we a produce talents. Singing Sweet buss from back in the days. Burro Banton, Flexx, Kibaki and nuff more. Plus Bounty Killer always pass through more time and inspire us. So, a nuff great people come from the ghetto," he said.

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