Dancers' Paradise : Shelly Belly, Sanjay take aim at Ding Dong, I-Octane with 'Wild'

May 26, 2017
Sanjay (left) and Shelly Belly.
Ding Dong

Dancehall artiste Sanjay and popular dancer Shelly Belly have teamed up to produce what is being called a 'dis record', 'Wild', which is hoped to heat up things for the summer.

After achieving relative success with Belleh, Sanjay and Shelly Belly's latest effort responds to the record titled Stop While Up by Ding Dong and I-Octane, which is thought to be a jab at Shelly Belly's acrobatic dance styles.

Wild was produced by Starplayer Music Group and Portland Cottage Productions and premiered at Magnum Wednesdays in Kingston recently.

Sanjay and Shelly Belly, however, claim that the record is not a counteraction but is instead a bold statement. Shelly Belly also noted that he has respect for I-Octane.

"This is just to mek dem know say we wild and we proud. Everybody have their own way to do things. Some calm, but we wilder dan dem by far. But big up I-Octane same way. We and him good. We not only bad inna song, we bad all the while," he said,

Wild joins the duo's slew of collaborations that include Tek Ova Remix, which features the 'Grung Gad' Bounty Killer and Bully, and was released in April.

With no signs of slowing down, Sanjay and Shelly Belly are expected to make their debut appearance at Red Stripe Reggae Sumfest 25, slated for July 16 to 22.

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