My confession : Side chick left me for calling her 'Freaky Gyal'

May 26, 2017

STAR, long time ago me used to have a girl pon the side wah me did really rate. She was very 'creative' in the bedroom, if you know what I mean. She amaze me every time, so even though me neva wah cheat pon me girl, me couldn't stop call the side girl.

From the first night me meet her at a street dance, she drive me crazy with her 'skills', so we exchanged numbers and start communicate frequently, especially pon Sundays when me main girl work night shift.

One particular Sunday evening, she call me and seh she a go come over. When me hear that, me skin catch a fire because me know wah ago gwaan. When she reach, we sit down and a relax and talk fi a while until me realise say me can't find me phone. She start ring the phone while me walk around the house and look fi it.

All of a sudden me just hear she shout out, "Dutty Jankro!" So me rush back inna the room weh she deh just in time fi see she fling me phone inna the wall and start pack her things fi leave.

Me start ask her a wah happen, but she just vex up and a ignore me. Me did confused because me leave her good inna the room, and me know she couldn't go inna the phone to read me message dem because it well code up.

When she a leave the house, right before she slam the door inna me face, she tell me say me nuh fi call back her phone since she a just the 'Freaky Gyal'.

Right as she say that, me start put two and two together, and realise why she left.

The same night me meet her, she did a gwaan with a bag a things at the dance. So when me get her number me decide fi save it as 'Freaky Gyal' inna me phone. I just saved the number that way for fun. But over time we get closer, and me still neva change it to her real name.

Jah know, me neva mean fi diss her.

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