Community focus : Frome - Sugar, lifeblood of the community

May 30, 2017
Bike taxi is a popular mode of transportation.
The premier leading institution in the town.
This woman claims to be the reincarnated Nanny.
Frome is known for its abundance of board houses.

Frome, located in the heart of Westmoreland’s sugar belt, has a unique place in Jamaica’s history. It is the accepted birthplace of the nation’s trade union movement, which came about following the deadly 1938 riots by sugar workers who were demanding to be treated fairly.

“Sugar has been the lifeblood of this community and remains a very important source of employment for many people,” said Rudolph Uter, councillor for the Frome division in the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation.

“Generations after generations have schooled their children up to university level by growing or cutting cane.”

The town is dominated by barracks-style wooden houses, which is trademark housing in the sugar belt. Life primarily revolves around work, school, church, and sports. The Frome Sports Complex, the home of former Red Stripe NPL champions FC Reno, is a much-cherished landmark.

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