Vox Pop : What do you think should be done to stop illicit cane fires?

May 30, 2017
Samuel Powell, retired farmer.
Sidney Fray, cane farmer.
Amos Coote, farmer.
Osbourne Johnson, farmer.

Samuel Powell, retired farmer:
“They need to use drones to see who are the people doing it. Soldiers, police, and paid security have tried and failed, but drones can certainly cover a lot of areas and photograph the activities in the fields.

Sidney Fray, cane farmer:
“It is a difficult one to answer. We have tried everything. It is very difficult to catch those who are a part of those planned, illicit burning of cane. A suggestion was made for the use of drones, but that can be very costly.

Amos Coote, farmer:
“They need to pay the workers more because the $420 per ton of cane is too small. Many persons are burning the cane out of frustration. Cane cutters are being treated the worst.

Osbourne Johnson, farmer:
Drones would be a good idea, but these talks have been going on for years, so government must show that they are serious about putting a stop to this.

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