Dancers' Paradise : John Shady joins selector to host party

June 02, 2017
Andrew John Shady (left) and Chunky 4 Star.

Founding member of Shady Squad dance crew, Andrew John Shady, is flexing his event management muscle and has collaborated with popular selector Nicardo 'Chunky 4 Star' Hamilton to host an event, Exclusive Champions League.

The dancer told Dancers' Paradise that he has always supported other persons with his creative dance moves at events, therefore it is now time to bank on their support.

"Over the years, we give nuff people wi support, and dance at parties for free and add a creative vibe. So mi feel like right now is the time to venture out and tap into the fanbase that we have developed over time. Everybody knows brand Shady Squad, so it's time to branch off into other things, and this is one of such," he said.

John Shady also pointed out that despite his decision to work with the selector on this particular project, it should not be seen as an indication that he has parted ways with Shady Squad.

"Me a keep the party with Chunky 4 Star because this is my project. The crew is still intact, and the other members are also doing other things for personal development because we are getting up in age. Matthew is teaching dance schools and each member is busy with projects," he said.

Exclusive Champions League will be held on June 23 at the Startime Sports Bar on Mannings Hill Road in St Andrew. Chunky 4 Star, who hails from the Grants Pen community, says the event is expected to bring the community together.

"Me and John Shady a link long time. Him a di bad dancer, and mi a di bad selector. We always maintain peace and respect with everybody even in the midst of war, so we are loved. People like Gully Gad (Mavado), Foota Hype, Devin Di Dakta, Fully Bad, Kurry Stain, and many more artistes a pass through," he said.

Meanwhile, Shady Squad is also promoting new dance moves like 'Yardy Bounce' and 'Ova Suh'.

"A dem dance ya a come tear up the entire summer. A nuh no normal thing for the summer when dem two dances here drop inna di dancehall," he said.

Chunky 4 Star and the Executioner sound will be participating in a sound clash tonight at House of Dancehall.

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