My Confession : I gave my girl bun because she accused me of cheating

June 02, 2017

STAR, me used to have a really good girl inna me life wha me think me did ago marry eventually. All along, me did a try be a good man to her, but then one little incident happen, and she start accuse me of giving her bun.

Mi just decide seh me nah carry the name without playing the game.

It was back inna college and I was on the football team as the goalkeeper. Dem time deh, it's like every girl want a 'baller' man, and nuff a them did a draw fi me, but me ease them off and make dem know me have me woman.

There was this one girl who deh pon the track team wha me did really tempted fi give in to. She did make it hard fi be faithful because she sexy bad, and she did a come at me hard. We used to text and thing, but it neva go beyond that.

It so happen that at the end of the year, we did have a dinner/party at a hotel for the athletes. Towards the end of the dinner, when everybody start dance, she draw me weh inna corner and start push herself pon me.

I was trying to explain that me really want her, but me have me woman. Same time, nuh me girlfriend's best friend that buss the corner and see we! She shout seh she ago talk, and not even make me explain.




A couple minutes later, a me girlfriend that a call me with fire inna her voice seh how me is a wicked, dutty dawg. She wouldn't even make me explain.

So me call back the track team girl and we did have a marathon that night. Me main woman lef me eventually, but from dem times deh, me realise seh it no make sense you faithful to woman because all when you nah cheat, dem a accuse you.

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