STAR of the Month : Ding Dong scared of signing contracts

June 02, 2017
STAR of the Month Ding Dong

STAR of the Month Ding Dong went close to being signed by Platinum-selling singer Sean Kingston, following the success of his song 'Summer Swing'.

However, that was not to be since the dancer-turned-deejay was tied up in a decade-long contract with VP Records.

"It was due to a contract with VP that I signed blindly because of the person I was working with at the time. Trust me, you wouldn't want to know what was in that contract. It's probably recently that I am starting to free up, and it's 10 years long," he said.

Ding Dong also said he missed out on a deal with American producer and label owner Swizz Beatz due to the same VP contract.

"It's a situation I don't like to talk about because it makes me so upset at times. But I had no knowledge about the music business at that time or else I wouldn't have been in that situation. Because of this VP contract, I am very nervous about signing contracts. When I get a contract now, I get all two lawyers to read it over. Mi fraid fi sign paper," he said.




The artiste advised up-and-coming recording artistes to seek legal assistance whenever doing business, especially anything relating to the signing of contracts.

"Always look out for the clause, and don't sign away your publishing. Publishing is your greatest asset as an artiste. New artistes, don't let the ego get to you, and don't be frightened when you hear about money. It is very stressful when you see the label you are signed to promoting other artistes and not promoting you," he said.

Ding Dong also said many artistes are still not educated about the business of music and should take the necessary steps to get informed.

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