STAR of the Month : Five things you didn't know about Ding Dong

June 05, 2017


Many may know Ding Dong for his many dance tunes but this month readers will learn a lot more about the entertainment. Here are five things that we bet you didn't know about him. Ding Dong is founder of dancing group Ravers Clavers.

1. His given name is Kemar Ottey but he was known as Ding Dong since childhood. He got the name from his father, Aladdin Ding Dong, who was an area leader.

2. He was born in Fletcher's Land, Kingston but grew up in Nannyville as his family moved there shortly after his birth.

3. Before he began dancing as a professional and even before venturing into music, Ding Dong was a football player and admits that the sport was his first love.

4. He used to work at a construction site and says he's quite good at the profession. He says his skills were so outstanding that the boss at the site he was working at the time encouraged him to get certified in the field. He decided against it.

5. He is a past student of Donald Quarrie High and was a member of the school's Manning Cup team.


MAJOR DANCE MOVES: Badda Dance, Chaka Chaka, Go Away, Santa Bounce, Sunlight, Part The Crowd, Swing Song, Bad Man Forward, Sweep, Oh My Swing, ABC Fast Or Slow, Sashi Cool, Summa Swing, Pree Dem and Syvah

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