STAR of the Month : Ding Dong grateful for humble upbringing

June 07, 2017
STAR of the Month, Ding Dong.

STAR of the Month Ding Dong says he grew up poor, but is happy for the struggles he endured as a youth as those experiences have moulded him into the man he is today.

In a recent interview, the dancer-turned-artiste revealed that he grew up with his grandmother and aunt, who both worked hard to make ends meet.

He recalled going through some difficult times as oftentimes his grandmother who was ill, could not afford him certain luxuries.

Instead of seeking to obtain these things through other means, the entertainer told THE STAR that he settled with doing menial jobs for a time as they helped to make ends meet.

Honest work

"Mi grandmother and mi auntie do dem best, but we did affi hustle fi weself from we young," he said. "Nuff ways we used to fend fi weself. We pick mango off a tree, unload truck, anywhere weh we coulda get little honest work, we deh deh. Nuh thiefing thing though, we did affi do weh we affi do but we never a go pick up nuh gun or certain things."

He revealed that his upbringing helped him put things into perspective as it relates to success and working hard to achieve it.

"Da lifestyle deh mould me fi be who me is now. Nothing never come easy fi me, not one single thing, and so I am a fighter," he said. "You can't be a fighter from the outside, supmn affi drive it from within, and me have da drive deh. Me know wah me want, and dats why me work so hard."

Ding Dong also said he had to learn from early what it meant to prioritise and he has taken that with him into his profession.

"We know from long time seh our parents dem never have it, so whenever we get a likkle work and make a likkle money, we carry it go gi Grandma or Auntie and say 'cook some food'," he said. "So even though we did want da shoes deh or da phone deh, we did affi sacrifice fi more important things."

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