Dancers' Paradise : Pamputtae and Pretty Pretty connect with Sticky Wine

June 09, 2017
Dancehall artiste Pamputtae
Tashlieka 'Pretty Pretty' Laird

Recording artiste Pamputtae has collaborated with female dancer Pretty Pretty for a new single titled 'Sticky Wine'.

The complementing dance record has been doing rounds on social media and is now picking up momentum in the dancehall, with Pamputtae and Pretty Pretty making several stops at popular events in the Corporate Area to cement the choreography on the party scene.

"The dancer created the dance and she wanted somebody to sing the song, so my manager found her and brought her to me, and from there, it took life. A promoter from Canada has even booked me because of the buzz we are creating overseas. Sticky Wine a go hard in Japan and China as well," the deejay said.

Pamputtae also told Dancers' Paradise that she has been working on her own dance moves so as to give fans the correct instructions on how to perform the choreography.

"People used to say it's hard, but now everybody a dweet; even the baby dem a dance. I also have other stuff like Bad Wuk and Bedroom Bacchanal coming. But right now it's about dancing because you have to give the people dem what dem want. I have to dance and wine up my body mek di people dem see," she said.

Pamtuttae, who was once a dancer under the moniker Buju Fabulous, said due to her dancing background, she knows how to create an entertainment package using a combination of music and dances.




"I used to dance at Dutty Fridays with my team, Fabulous Girls, and so this is easy to me. When I touch a stage, I deejay and dance like it's a regular routine," she said.

Pretty Pretty, who was a national netball player before making the transition to dancing, said she always had the dance move even before naming it.

"I have this neat and sticky way of dancing, and some of my fellow dancers decided to call it the 'Sticky Wine'. I do promotions for Boom, Digicel and all these companies, so persons are always messaging me to teach them the moves," she said. "I love teaching, and dancing is my passion, and the more I dance, the more fans I develop. You have a lot of dancers, but not many of them are creators, so I try to break into that lane and create moves of my own.

Pretty Pretty also gave us a run down of her netball history.

"I played club league netball for Liguanea United and Business House League for Wisynco. I also made the cut for the Jamaica Under-16 netball team while I was in ninth grade, but I was in love with dancing and it was very hectic for me. So after I developed an injury, I decided to go full-fledged into dancing," she said.

The dancer is expected to join Pamputtae in Canada for a string of shows.

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