My Confession : I got 'equal rights' from a stranger

June 09, 2017

STAR, inna last year me and two a me friends them did a come from a little drink-up some late hours, like after one inna the morning. None a we nuh drive, so we call a taxi company, one wah nuh so popular, because them little bit cheaper than the others.

Anyway, the man say him a come fi we in seven minutes, but about 20 minutes later him arrive. We start cuss him and seh how him take so long fi reach. Him tell we seh if him tell we the truth, we nah go believe. So we say we want to know, and him say him did a "mash a works" inna the back of the car and him decide fi finish before him pick we up.

Me and me friend them start dead wid laugh and ask him fi give we more details about that. Before we know it, the conversation get deep until him start ask if we ever witness somebody a get 'equal rights' in person. All a we say no, so then him suggest seh him woulda do it if one a we volunteer.




Mi first say no, but then me friend them start boost me up seh me must do it because me a the free-spirit one. Me nuh know if it was the liquor inna me mek me agree. But me eventually seh all right, and the man park around a dark corner, and we go around the car trunk while me friend them a watch and laugh.

All now me can't believe it actually happen. The other day, me friend tell me say she spot the freaky driver in a supermarket, and him do like him nuh remember her.

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